March 13, 2013

Original Freestyle Walking

My ski season is over now. In fact, I told you already about limitation of ski clothing selection. They are so... SPORTY! Unfortunately the undisputed fact is, that actually, we need all this stuff by -10°C and even by the thaw. Let it be and keep it as classic as you can.

I'm in Berlin, at home now. We had a few sunny days last week but it's snowing and days are blurring again... This is a little depressing so I'm posting my winter freestyle walking to you just to have a bit of fun.

P.S. Did you know that sweatpants (US) and tracksuit bottoms (UK) are quite the same pants?

sweater: Opening Ceremony
shirt: j.crew
vest: Aspesi
pants: Isabel Marant
sunglasses: Oliver Goldsmith
hat: Eisbär
gloves: Anzoni
boots: Forfex

January 31, 2013

Made for Walkin'

elis eternity

Hey guys, I really have to say that: I admire high heels silhouette. I think, every woman looks better with pair of those. But I also can't comprehend how they can withstand all day in heels... no way! Do not kill yourself while struggling with luggage at the train station or chasing plane at the airport. How, the hell, are they doing this? I can't handle it. You??

Therefore, I have the pleasure to present my new made for walkin' shoes. Elis Eternity boots I chose, are classics of style but still so fantastic and drool worthy! They are crafted with vegetable-dyed quality leather from Italy's famed Marche region and you know, it's just wonderful, they don't get discolored from the salt and snow. 

 My new urban cool essentials! 

P.S. Fiorentini and Baker are one of the few remaining designers who draw on the skills of Italy’s artisan shoemakers. Unfortunately, this craft, which Italy is so famous for, disappearing so rapidly - so hurry up girls!

January 15, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me

Hallo Marc,

I had a great birthday yesterday! Thanks for the cake, baby! I've still got lots left over. My guests were all bloggers, you know, they only take instagrams of this junk food. So I had a birthday and it was a huge success. (hic!) It was my birthday yesterday, and I had a lovely day, lots of e-mails, greetings and gifts. Oh and this dinner with girl-friends! It was so fancy, womanly and young at the same time. I felt, more or less, like Cinderella when the clock strikes midnight, returned to its natural state now. (hic!) It was so caricature-like you, Marc. You are a Robin Hood of sorts sometimes, giving back to those who want to look and feel great, but can't afford your more fanciful indulgences.

So, yeah... I had a great birthday yesterday, thanks for asking.


Any resemblance to this and this are purely coincidental.

dress 1: Marc by Marc Jacobs
glasses: Barton Perreira
cake: der Kuchenladen

dress 2: Antonio Berardi
gloves: Emanuel Ungaro
hat 1: stolen from mom
hat 2: stolen from boyfriend

November 9, 2012

Parco Naturale - Maremma

Would you like to enjoy the nature and wild unspoilt countryside, beaches and authentic towns and villages? Discover Maremma - the wildest part of Tuscany.
It sounds like an ad, but I couldn't resist ;) I just fall in love with this place!

It's a beautiful regional park where you can commune with an intact nature and wildlife. Formed by Uccellina Mountains, the pinewood of Marina di Alberese and the mouth of the river Ombrone, represents a precious mosaic of ecosystems shaped by man in different periods and ways, without degrading it.
It's like another planet. The man suddenly calms down and recalls his roots.
The park represents an ideal natural habitat for horse and bovines, hares, foxes, porcupines and wild boars. And that beautiful wild beaches... It was amazing when young fox came to us during our picnic, hoping for a snack. Anyway, there were wild animals everywhere, like it was some kind of safari. With a little luck you could see a flock of flamingos. Nearly as at the zoo, just without bars and crowd of people with cameras. Just you and the nature. An unforgettable experience. The other face of luxury.
Simple and unpretentious - la dolce vita.

blouse: Twin-Set by Simona Barbieri
shorts: forte_forte
sunglasses: Oliver Goldsmith
hat: Borsalino
bag: Chloë Sevigny for Opening Ceremony
flats: flip*flop

October 21, 2012

Val d'Orcia - Castello di Velona

Castello di Velona is a luxury hotel built as a medieval fortress in the 11th Century, located among the hills of Siena, in the heart of Val d’Orcia Natural Park, where the Tuscan tradition is defined by history and nature, by art and flavour. This is just like an open window on history’s landscape. Of course Montalcino and the Abbey of Sant'Antimo are just up the road here. Contact with the beauty of nature makes it a true oasis of peace and happiness. 
Already miss this place. I'll have to come back here someday...

bikini: Emilio Pucci
sunglasses: Oliver Goldsmith