March 13, 2013

Original Freestyle Walking

My ski season is over now. In fact, I told you already about limitation of ski clothing selection. They are so... SPORTY! Unfortunately the undisputed fact is, that actually, we need all this stuff by -10°C and even by the thaw. Let it be and keep it as classic as you can.

I'm in Berlin, at home now. We had a few sunny days last week but it's snowing and days are blurring again... This is a little depressing so I'm posting my winter freestyle walking to you just to have a bit of fun.

P.S. Did you know that sweatpants (US) and tracksuit bottoms (UK) are quite the same pants?

sweater: Opening Ceremony
shirt: j.crew
vest: Aspesi
pants: Isabel Marant
sunglasses: Oliver Goldsmith
hat: Eisbär
gloves: Anzoni
boots: Forfex