August 30, 2012

Impressione - Lucca

Hey guys, I'm really surprised by Berlin Green in Lucca. I immediately felt like home here. The intensity of greenness in the park on the old town walls makes an unforgettable impression. I've never seen anything like this in any other Italian city.
Actually we arrived for dinner. So we hurry to the oldest osteria in the old town on the external ring of Piazza dell'Anfiteatro, because we've heard that they serve the homemade, traditional dishes of Lucca. Some of them are very rare in others restaurants. Who could resist a homemade lasagna?

P.S. Berlin Green aka Prussian Green is a dark green color, a mixture of Prussian Blue and a transparent yellow, favoring the blue one.

dress: Marc by Marc Jacobs
canvas bag:
sandals: Bruno Premi 

August 28, 2012

Scent of Summer

My summer smells lavender. I'm wearing this tribute to lavender essence from Chloe all the time. As you see, the bottle is almost empty. I also use to Aqua di Parma Iris Nobile. But this a little bit snoby, delicate-retro-romantic perfume reminds me of last year's stay in Sicily. And I'm just in Tuscany, right? I'm wondering to buy another bottle of the same, deep and intoxicating composition from Chloe. Or maybe should I look for some new inspiration? 
Pssst... I'll tell you a secret: I'm totally crazy about perfume in the clear glass bottles.

What is your favorite scent this summer?

August 25, 2012

Arte - Pietrasanta

Fernando Botero, one of the world's most commercially successful artists, celebrates his 80th birthday in Pietrasanta with a new exhibition of statues, including huge cat - El Gato. We've already seen his paintings in Vienna and therefore willingly go there after a long day on the sunny beach.

Do you already know why we particularly interested in El Gato?
Striking resemblance, isn't it?

P.S. Botero spends the summer months in Pietrasanta with his family and is considered one of its most famous residents. He gave the town two large frescoes entitled The door of Heaven and The door of Hell and a sculpture The Roman Warrior which stands in a central square and welcomes all visitors.

August 15, 2012

Mare - Lido di Camaiore

And now something about the bikini photos. Frankly, I don't feel too comfortable posing like that. It's so ridiculous for me. But almost every single woman wants to have such a pictures. And I am no exception. That's why I have so many bikinis, right? I tried to do it in a little different way. So here is my alternative to a bikini session.

Do you also have this problem?

P.S. Lido di Camaiore is the charming beach of the historical centre of Camaiore. It is situated in a quiet zone between Viareggio and Marina di Pietrasanta. This place has become famous for the wide, beautiful sand beach with breathtaking view on the peaks of the Apuan Alps.

bikini: Pistol Panties
sunglasses: Oliver Goldsmith

August 13, 2012

Turistico - Pisa

I really don't like the typical tourist clothes in the centers of historic cities. I understand that we all want to feel comfortable in this heat. But it could be so stylish if people paid more attention to what they wear. Every year I'm looking for an alternative to this tourist trend. And here is my impression of Pisa.

P.S. The Leaning Tower is the most famous image of the city, but it is only one of many pieces of art and architecture in the city's Piazza del Duomo, since 20th century also known as Piazza dei Miracoli (Square of Miracles). Often people tend to mistake the term with Campo dei Miracoli (Field of Miracles) which is a fictional magical field from the book Pinocchio.

dress: Tezenis
hat: Borsalino
sunglasses: Oliver Goldsmith
bag: Chloë Sevigny for Opening Ceremony
sandals: Bally

August 7, 2012

Rustico - Metato

Blogging without sustainable access to the Internet is a real challenge, believe me! This week we live in a charming Rustico at 420 meters above sea level. We climb from the car park 20 meters upwards. To the Internet access further 10 steep meters at an angle of 45 degrees or so! I really try to take advantage of every opportunity.

And here dinner and post in one.

dress: Marc by Marc Jacobs
laptop Sleeve: Pijama
sandals: Bally 

August 3, 2012

Arrivo - Milan

We've finally landed in Milan. Do you know how it feels not to sleep the whole 48 hours? Not so good... Unfortunately, my travels too often begin this way. Anyhow, I can't resist the Milan charm and I'm hurry to buy the already mentioned Panama hat.

Holiday, now you already began!

shirt: Aspesi
trousers: Comptoir des Cotonniers
bag: Moschino
sunglasses: Oliver Goldsmith
sneakers: Philippe Model