August 7, 2012

Rustico - Metato

Blogging without sustainable access to the Internet is a real challenge, believe me! This week we live in a charming Rustico at 420 meters above sea level. We climb from the car park 20 meters upwards. To the Internet access further 10 steep meters at an angle of 45 degrees or so! I really try to take advantage of every opportunity.

And here dinner and post in one.

dress: Marc by Marc Jacobs
laptop Sleeve: Pijama
sandals: Bally 


  1. so beautiful photos and look!:)

  2. Beautiful photos and love the M by Marc Jacob's dress. I wish I can stay in those rustic house someday...look amazing:0

    I just add you to my google plus circle:)

    Have a great weekend:)


  3. I love your dress, this place is beautiful:D
    kisses chris

  4. Your pictures make me feel like watching one of these romantic German movies, where a confused girl desides to make a change in her life and goes to Italy, where she sees amazing places, tastes gourmet cuisine, drinks fruit flavour wines and... Where is the love story??? There should always be a love story!!!
    You look amazing :)