September 23, 2012

Urban Dirndl

D'URBAN DIRNDL by Eveline Stoesser

Based in Berlin, amazing idea for Oktoberfest, D'URBAN DIRNDL is a timeless investment, destined to become a forever piece in our wardrobe. And because I never pretend to wearing Tracht - the perfect choice! Das Dirndl is a classic and like any classic should be reinvented at time to time. Eveline Stoesser does it like no one else with her universal combination of urban and tradition. It's probably first Bavarian dress made of African wax print. So Berlin! Take a look at this amazing colors and patterns! 

TIYE - you would be mine! 

P.S. Originally, the wax resist dyed fabrics came from Indonesia which were then exported to the Gold Coast and spread over West Africa into Central Africa. They became extremely popular and over time the Africans customised and personalised the designs. Nowadays they are primarily made in Ghana and have strong cultural, social and economic importance.

September 22, 2012

Alto Adige - the Other Side of Italy

Hey guys, the second week of my Italian Holiday ends already here, at the Italy's northernmost point, in South Tyrol.

Most of you couldn't remember that, but the South Tyrolean question became an international issue and officially ended with an autonomy agreement only 20 years ago. Right now, German and Italian are both official languages here. Most of the residents speak Austro-Bavarian dialects of the German language. It's really the other side of Italy, believe me. 

P.S. Fashion part tomorrow. As you see, I took a fashion break and unfortunately there is not much to show today... To celebrate Oktoberfest starting, my latest incredible discovery from the world of fashion! /coming soon/ 

Happy weekend!!!

September 18, 2012

Amore Tragico - Verona

* William Shakespeare

Verona - town of Romeo and Juliet, started lyric season in the Arena, the ancient amphitheatre built by the Romans. Tragic love stories are all around us here. 

Our day starts in Juliet's house. Naive love of Romeo and Juliet is in the air. William Shakespeare immortalized their doomed youthful love as a light in the midst of the darkness of the hate around them. 

And in the evening on Arena stage, Carmen, a passionate gypsy girl, falls in love with a Spanish soldier, Don Jose, who's not paying attention to her. This makes Carmen more determined to release all of her female passions, which not only make Don Jose falls madly in love but also sees her as a sorceress. 

Poor kiddy! All famous love stories ended with death! How to explain now, that love could be so beautiful? And you know what?

P.S. This circle of tragedy doesn't ends there. Just imagine, that premiere of Carmen wasn't particularly successful which could accelerated death of disappointed composer. The reasons for this initial flap was its novelty. Georges Bizet died suddenly, thus knew nothing about the later fame of his work.

dress I: Alice San Diego
dress II: Marni at H&M
sunglasses: D&G
William's sunglasses: Super
bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs
sandals: Bruno Premi 

September 12, 2012

Lago di Garda - Bardolino

Bardolino - charming little town located on the south eastern shore of Lake Garda and wine named after the city. Two reasons that tempt us to a fantastic dinner that day. Wow! It looks like a baby rose and blue idyll here... Refreshed in the lake, rested on the beach, we did really hungry now! Yummy!!!

Bardolino is an attractive place with ancient origins, picturesque pastel-coloured buildings and a lovely position on the lakeside. 
Bardolino wines are appreciated all over the world and produced in the vineyards on the surrounding hills.

top: Sisley (vintage)
shorts: forte_forte
hat: Borsalino
sunglasses: Oliver Goldsmith
canvas bag:
sandals: Pedro Garcia

September 2, 2012

Ciao Veneto! - Venice

The first week of my Italian Holiday is already over. We said goodbye to Northern Tuscany and visiting the capital of Veneto now. I'm so curious about new impressions!!!

P.S. The word ciao, originally from the Venetian language, was adopted into the Italian language and eventually entered the vocabulary of English and of many other languages around the world. The word is mostly used as goodbye or bye in English, but in modern Italian and in other languages it may mean hello or goodbye.

dress: See by Chloe
hat: Borsalino 
sunglasses: Oliver Goldsmith 
canvas bag: 
sandals: Marni at H&M