April 16, 2012

Shop Away

H&M FAA Collection will be available in 10 days from now. This time focused on prints and patterns inspired by global ethnic and subculture influences. 
Despite the chilly weather here I've already chosen my new sunny-beach must-haves. So cheap and cool! Say yes and shop away!

How do you like it? Let me know.

Kiss for a Cause

H&M has just released their 5th Fashion Against AIDS (FAA) Collection. 
Show your support and upload your make-out picture. 
For every kissH&M will be donating $1 to HIV/AIDS prevention. 

So easy and fun!

April 15, 2012

Easter Rummage Sale

Have you ever been to flea market? I pass by such one on the Straße des 17. Juni from time to time. For no particular reason actually. 
Easter Sunday. My bedroom window view made ​​me truly Easter mood today. And here without a special plan am I, rummaging through this flea-stuff again. 
Any spectacle frames from 70s? Nooo... another time maybe. 
Vintage Bakelite bangles? Oh yeah... baby??

I love those earthy colors! 
So cute, just 60s, don't you think?

April 5, 2012

Just another black bag?

 Bags in any vibrant colors are really must-have right now. Yes, indeed. But however, what I need is a quite large everyday bag which fits always and with everything. And it should be a black bag dears.
 I already have a small collection of clutches in almost all possible colors, funkiest lemon sorbet included. And it has to be enough now.
 I decided to invest more money and buy this best friend-bag from the go-to label Mulberry. I love those British brand and its quality of instant-classic bags.
 And the question is: cult classic Bayswater or iconic new style Alexa? I'm still a little bit of uncertainty and ask you, dear: 

what do you think?