October 26, 2011

Shop Away

 Buy a Westwood Tree-shirt to GreenUp! Europe.
 New ‘GreenUp’ initiative, conceived to bring the Green Economy closer to Europeans. Dame Vivienne unveiled a Tree-shirt to raise funds for re-connecting Europe’s forests.
 The essential Vivienne Westwood design was printed on shirts donated by the Anvil Eco T-Shirt Collection™ and each shirt includes a Shirt Scan™ Code with additional information on the GreenUp programme.
 As of today, the Tree-shirt is available online at yoox.com’s eco-friendly initiative YOOXYGEN, giving all net sale proceeds to replanting programmes.
 The Tree-Shirts, are meant to be thought-provoking and to inspire a new way of thinking. “The antidote to consumption and climate change is culture. It’s art,” the designer and environmental advocate Dame Vivienne said. “It’s a way of thinking. We are dangerously short of culture and of people’s appreciation of what is actually a good life.”


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  1. I love fashion with a good cause! Thank you for sharing! xooxxoo