November 30, 2011


Pijama - a small company embodying the luxury trademark phrase "Made in Italy"
— represents good design, deep research, fine materials and a handmade process. This time, rather than designating shoes or clothing with the highly-regarded label, instead it applies to a fashionable and sturdy case for electronic devices.
They started designing and producing only Mac-oriented covers, but the rapid success made them develop also cases for PCs, digital cameras and more. They aimed to have something to cuddle and take care of, like a soft and stylish pajama.

I travel a lot.
So travel accessories are my need and weakness at the same time. I love Milan, not only shopping there ;)

I am crazy about "Made in Italy" design.
I love tweed and wool materials - they are such a stylish!
That's why probably I fall in love with this "Milan made" tech-accessories.

Cute, aren't they?
Want more of these!

coat: Marni
scarf: Erfurt
blouse: Maison Scotch
pants: Marc o'Polo
boots: Minimarket
bag: Prada
sunglasses: Oliver Goldsmith
laptop Sleeve: Pijama
necklace: Vintage