February 5, 2012

Life on Mars?

alexandra metallic leather sandals

I am looking for silver sandals that don't look like taken from a fairy tale of Snow White. It seems almost impossible!
And here recently I found these Kat Maconie Alexandra shoes. You can recognize them by the signature gold hardware that adorns almost all of her designs. I heard that they are gorgeous on the outside with obvious attention to detail. Apparently they have also inner beauty in the form of Mould to Measure insoles, which makes them more comfortable with every wear. Basically, it would seem, my all round perfect shoe!
 I was thinking about buying those and sent the picture of the shoes up to three friends.
Are you going to Mars? - asked two of them - This is not your style, it's not you - they said.
Not me? - I was surprised. But we believe in what we want.
So when a third friend said - I like this homage to David Bowie - I ordered them immediately.
 I am looking forward to this surprise right now.

What do you think about this Kat Maconie shoes?


  1. WOW beautiful shoes!!

    now following :)
    hope you can join my jewellery giveaway!


  2. they are lovely x


  3. they look amazing. Love the colour.xx


  4. I never, ever take advice from friends about style or fashion or my clothes. They always say something stupid, (like-that's not you, bitch you don't even know me). Great shoes, glad you bought them ^_^