May 20, 2012

Sunday Quiz

Your boyfriend share this ad with you. Your first thought is:

A) he wants to show the irony of that female-male world; 
B) he wants to say that there is something wrong with us; 
C) he wants to share this an incredible piece of art because of our sense of humor.

How do you fell about?


  1. If he did send this to me I would ask - what does it all mean, cause I really don't get it :D

    1. Actually, the answer is in these three sentences. All three are true... or maybe just one. It's up to you ;) That's just a piece of art. You don't have to understand it, just feel it. This ad (and few others not shown here) is also a tribute to Godard's films. For me it's perfect :)

    2. A) because "That's life."
      B) "Why hurt me, too?!"
      C) because we truly love this existential way to say everything and nothing at the same time :D

  2. ich mag es einfach :)
    edie!!! danke für deinen kommentar:)
    grüße aus weiden/opf.

  3. This ad is so interesting! I feel so sorry for her! May be A!
    kisses chris