March 25, 2012

3 in 1

shoe cut out

Why three in one? No, not because these Shoe Cut Out are made up of three elements. Also not because they are available in three different combinations.
So I'll tell you why: because of Minimarket label, Voo - concept store and Superstore award.
 I think it's interesting that Minimarket started out as a shop and first for six years turned into their own label. Today, they have a clothing range as well as a collection of shoes and accessories. And I don't have to tell you that I'm in love with Minimarket shoes!
 And Voo sells them in Berlin. This one of a kind concept store breathes new life into Berlin's Kreuzberg district, originally known for its alternative eateries and vibrant nightlife. With an enticing emphasis on design and creativity focuses on pieces that have the potential to become prized possessions for life, Voo is in fact the essence of contemporary young Berlin! And who knows, maybe  they'll also turn into their own brand in the future.
 The SUPERSTORE Award is the first of its kind, offering new independent fashion retailers an international platform that unites the most forward-thinking and influential fashion boutiques from across the globe in one easy-to-shop website. And the first winner is - Voo Berlin! Gratuliere!!!

Back to my wanted shoes now. Perfect for city-dwellers wanting to stay chic, but still get some air.

Black leather or block color, 
what do you think?


  1. What a fun look--definitely a unique twist on brogues! I think the tan/yellow combo ones would be perfect for spring!

    1. Thank you for your advice. My friends are also your opinion. Finally I'm not buying these block color shoes because they are bright and suede - a huge disadvantage. Unfortunately they lifetime will be very seasonal. In my opinion, these black Cut Out are timeless. Anyhow, thank you :)