March 31, 2012

Style of Life

I'm not only stare at the pictures, I can read too. Can you imagine? In the last few days I had chicken pox, which was not funny at all. Forced to have plenty of time I read even more than usual. I stumbled on a variety of topics.
And here's a small sample of this:
"Germans in general aren't too interested in fashion". 
Weird. I've never seen this that way. So, what are Germans more interested in spending money to buy?
"It is more about lifestyle. They prefer to spend on living, food and cars." 
I have no car. I don't need one in the center of Berlin, right? Is that why I'm so interested in fashion? 

Anyway, I feel great again now and I want to show you 
little bits of my German style of life.

jumpsuit: Marc by Marc Jacobs
sunglasses: Oliver Goldsmith
bag: Bally vintage
ankle boots: Pedro García


  1. Mmmmm I want one ! :D
    Wonderful look. Great way to combine military sporty with the high heels.

    1. Big thanks Keit! I'm glad you like it :D
      Otherwise, I'd look like car mechanic, don't you think? ;)))

      Greetings from Berlin

  2. edie!!!
    so ein lieber kommentar. ich strahle grad noch...
    deinen blog finde ich toll. ich liebe kreative menschen.
    hau weiter rein:)

    1. das zu hören habe ich wirklich gerade gebraucht :) danke petra

    2. a propos: das über deutsche modewelt habe nach jessica weiß zitiert. kein wunder dass die lesmads für interview verlassen hatte ;D noch mal danke :)

  3. You look great! :)